jovanjovanovJovan Jovanov is one of the Macedonian most successful composers, arrangers and producers of POP, R&B, POP-ROCK, HOUSE, HIP-HOP music in Macedonia. As Bachelor of Music in Education, he is currently enroled on the postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Music in Skopje.

He is born on 27th of May 1981 in Skopje. He began his music education when he was 6 years old. He plays piano, guitar and percussion instruments.

As composer, he cooperated with many famous people from our region. He received many prizes and acknowledgements from festivals. His songs, performed by Toshe Proeski (2004) and Next time (2008) on the Eurovision Song Contest and Bobi Andonov (2007) on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, represented Macedonia. Furthermore, he was arranger of the song of Vlatko Ilievski  on the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011.

He is the winner of three first prizes on the most famous festival in Macedonia-MakFest with the compositions “Magija”, performed by the music group Magija (1998), “Ti me sakash”, performed by Jovan Jovanov and Maja Sazdanovska (2005), “Ne planiram”, performed by Lambe Alabakovski (2010). He is the winner of two second prizes on MakFest for the compositions “300 godini”, performed by Adrijan Gaxha (2005) and” Bez tebe tivko umiram”, performed by Next time (2008). Moreover, he is the winner of third prizes for the compositions “Da te vidam pak”, performed by Jovan Jovanov (2003), “Se na svoe mesto”, performed by Zoran Stamenkovski (2006) and “Nekade posle 2” performed by Elvir Mekic (2007).

Jovan Jovanov launched his own company Jovanov Records Ltd. (Sole proprietorship) Skopje in 2008. He began to work on other artists’ careers as their manager. Jovan Jovanov demonstrated his skills for music -director at the same time. He began to direct music, and than to edit music videos.

He has released over 200 compositions. Though being very successful for his age, Jovan Jovanov  doesn't want to stop here, but he wants to spread his success outside the borders of the Republic of Macedonia.


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